When will I get confirmation of my order?

Typically, acknowledgements are emailed within 24-48 hours after placing your order.

What is a “tight fitting door”?

Since gasketed doors are no longer required due to recent changed to the ICC code, we have dropped our gasket option and replaced it with a more attractive airflow reduction method-the tight fitting door option.  By adding vertical stiles between the glass panels, we are able to reduce air flow by an additional 35% when the fireplace is not in use.

Is my fireplace door safe to be installed on the outdoor fireplace?

Design Specialties is not responsible for tarnishing or discoloration due to environmental factors however they use 304 stainless which is the most common grade of stainless steel used in fabricated products.  Stainless steel will tarnish and discolor if left outdoors, particularly in environments close to the ocean or swimming pools.  Regular cleaning and oiling the moving parts will keep these doors operating as intended. 


How to care for natural brushed surface on fireplace doors?

It is easily cleaned and brightened up with a non-woven abrasive like Scotch Bright scouring pad. 


What is the production/ lead time?

  • Lead/ production times vary on the product ordered. 
  • Aluminum, Steel fireplace door about 4 weeks
  • Metallic and Hand Crafted finishes about 6 weeks.
  • Hammered Edge, Blacksmith, Milwaukee Forge, Madrid, Blackrock, Craftsman, Oak Tree 6-8 weeks.
  • Free Standing screens about 3 weeks


Can I Express my order?

Some manufacturers will expedite the order. Please contact us for a quote if you wish to expedite your order. 


Express times for doors are as follows:

  • Aluminum Masonry and ZC Doors- 5 working days
  • Steel Powder Coated Masonry and ZC Doors- 10 working days


We cannot express:

-Beveled Glass Doors                        -All Plated Steel Doors (Metallic and Boutique Finishes)

-Multi Sided Doors                             -Blacksmith Doors

-Fixed End Panel Doors                     -Hammered Edge Doors

-Milwaukee Forge Doors                   -Stainless Steel Doors

-Stainless Steel Mesh                        -Steel Doors over 46” (width and height)