Fireplace Doors Purchasing Guide 


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General Considerations


- Choose a style that complements your home's interior.

- Consider durable materials and quality glass.

- Budget accordingly as prices vary.

Prefabricated/Zero Clearance Fireplaces


Identification: Confirm your fireplace is prefabricated/zero clearance.

Measurements: Measure the steel opening's height, width, and depth.

Choosing Doors: Select doors designed for zero clearance fireplaces.


Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors Installation:


Masonry Fireplaces


Identification: Usually made of brick or stone.

Measurements: Measure the front opening and the depth of the lintel bar.

Masonry Fireplace Measurement:

Choosing Doors: Heavier doors require a sturdy frame. Select doors designed for masonry fireplaces.


Masonry Fireplace Doors Installation:

Understanding Your Options


Overlap Fit vs. Inside Fit: Overlap Fit doors sit on top of the fireplace's facing, while Inside Fit doors are flush with the hearth's opening.

Flush Hearth vs. Hole in Wall: Flush Hearth fireboxes are level with the hearth, whereas Hole in Wall fireboxes are elevated, creating a 'hole in the wall' effect.

Tinted vs. Clear Glass: Tinted glass offers more privacy and a unique look, while clear glass maintains a traditional fireplace appearance and clear view of the fire.

Bi-Fold vs. Cabinet Doors: Bi-Fold doors fold and open to the sides for full access, whereas Cabinet doors open outward, similar to kitchen cabinets.

Ordering Process


Follow these steps to order your custom fireplace doors:

1) Enter Your Measurements: Provide the width and height of your fireplace opening in inches. Select the door size based on united inches.
2) Fireplace Construction: Describe your fireplace by selecting the type, installation option, and firebox type.
3) Select Frame Finish: Choose from various finishes available.
4) Select Handle: Choose a handle that matches your frame finish.
5) Select Glass Color: Decide between clear, tinted, or beveled glass.
6) Mesh Screen Options: Select if you want a mesh screen and its type.
7) Door Pattern Options: Choose a standard or non-standard door pattern.
8) Select a Door Type: Decide between Bi-Fold and Cabinet Doors.
9) Upload a Photo (Optional): Upload a photo of your fireplace for tailored instructions.

    Compatibility Guarantee: If there are any issues with the fit of your fireplace doors, we offer a refund. However, we only guarantee that the doors will fit if the client has provided all necessary pictures or conducted a FaceTime session with our technician during the measurement process, or if a video of the measurement is sent to us.

    Our Trusted Manufacturers


    We are proud to collaborate with leading fireplace door manufacturers to bring you the best in quality and design. Our partnerships ensure that you have access to a wide range of options that not only meet your aesthetic preferences but also adhere to the highest standards of durability and safety.

    Design Specialties: A leader in the creation of custom fireplace doors, Design Specialties is renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to quality. Their doors are crafted to enhance the beauty and functionality of your fireplace. Learn more about Design Specialties.

    Stoll Industries: With a rich history of craftsmanship, Stoll Industries offers a variety of fireplace doors and accessories. Their products are known for their durability, style, and custom fit. Discover Stoll Industries' offerings.