Buyer's Guide: Fireplace Doors

Fireplaces, often associated with warmth and comfort, may be inefficient in heat conservation. One effective way to enhance their heat efficiency when not in operation is by installing fireplace doors.

Below, observe the difference in heat retention in fireplaces with and without doors:

Fireplace without and with door infrared image

Fireplace: Without / With Door

Fireplace without and with door infrared image

Fireplace: Without / With Door

Know Your Fireplace

To select the right door, you need to understand the type and style of your fireplace. Fireplaces and their doors can be broadly categorized into four types. Identify yours and then browse the appropriate section in our catalog.

Fireplace classification

Standard Size

Standard Doors adapt to various opening dimensions due to their wider frames. Use your fireplace's measurements to find the right fit using our chart.


Custom Size

Each Custom Door is tailor-made to fit specific fireplace dimensions. These often feature slimmer frames and larger glass areas.


Masonry vs. Zero Clearance

Distinguishing between masonry and prefabricated doors is vital to meet the airflow requirements set by fireplace manufacturers. While masonry doors ensure minimal energy loss when shut, doors for prefabricated fireboxes allow appropriate air passage, ensuring safe operating temperatures.


Masonry fireplaces have been in vogue for centuries. They're hand-built, ensuring each one is unique. Common materials include brick, ceramic, stone, marble, granite, and more.

Masonry fireplace

Zero Clearance

Zero Clearance fireplaces are pre-fabricated metal constructions. They are associated with a specific manufacturer and model number to facilitate easy door purchases.

Zero Clearance fireplace

How to Measure Your Fireplace

Installing a new fireplace door is straightforward once you have the correct measurements. Follow our guide to ensure a perfect fit.

Choose the Right Finish and Style

We offer a myriad of finishes and door styles. Your choice will depend on aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Glass Options

Our Tempered Glass comes with a 2-Year Warranty. You can select from five optional tints, each imparting a distinct look and feel to your fireplace.