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How to Measure a Fireplace for Gas Logs

When shopping for gas logs or fire glass, measuring your fireplace is the most important step. The dimensions of your fireplace will help you determine the best size gas logs, or how much fire glass you need for your fireplace. 

When measuring your fireplace, take the following metrics into consideration: Rear Width (A), Depth (B), Front Width (C), Height (D).

To understand what size gas logs you need, you’ll need to take a few different factors into consideration, including the size of your fireplace and the size of your gas logs’ fuel control system.

  • Relevant fireplace dimensions for choosing gas logs include the width of the front opening of the fireplace, the width of the rear fireplace wall, the height of the front fireplace opening, and the fireplace depth from front opening to rear wall
  • A minimum of 2 inches on both sides must be maintained between the gas log burner system equipment and the fireplace sidewalls, and some customers prefer up to 6 inches on both sides
  • The gas log set chosen should not be longer than the width of the rear fireplace wall
  • Fireplace should be a minimum of 12 to 14 inches deep for almost 

If you need assistance with measuring your firebox or would like to get an expert opinion, our Fireplace Professionals are here to help. Call us at 949-522-2585 and one of our NFI Certified experts will ensure you find the log set that’s the perfect fit for your fireplace!